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Skil-Care Corporation, founded in 1978, has been developing and designing products for nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and homecare settings worldwide for over 30 years. Their ultimate goal is to enhance resident care and in addition, to assist healthcare facilities in reducing the occurrence of skin breakdown in the bed or wheelchair. Other areas of focus are: fall safety, resident safety, pressure reduction, bed and wheelchair positioning, mattresses, skin protection, gait and transfer assistance, exercise, bariatric accessories, sensory stimulation, physical restraints and numerous other products that are essential at home or in an institutional setting. Skil-Care manufactures over 95% of the products in the U.S. at the facility located in Yonkers, NY. All products are primarily sold through a network of national dealers.

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SkiL-Care 30° Positioning Wedge SkiL-Care 30° Positioning Wedge

A bed positioning wedge contoured to an optimum 30-degree. Provides optimal 30-degree angle of incline for relieving pressure on hipbone and coccyx. Wedge is comfortable and made from smooth or convoluted foam. Can be disinfected for infection control. Non-slip bottom keeps wedge securely in place.

HPMS Price $69.99

Skil-Care Abduction Wedge SkiL-Care Abduction Wedge

Designed to prevent the leg adduction that can result from extended periods of sitting with knees held together.

HPMS Price $52.99
Skil-Care Abductor/Contracture Cushion Skil-Care Abductor/Contracture Cushion

Skil-Care Abductor/Contracture Cushion prevents leg contracture and abduction in bed.

HPMS Price $83.49
SkiL-Care Activity Aids - Apron, Vest, or Overlay SkiL-Care Activity Aids - Apron, Vest, or Overlay

The Skil-Care activity aids are designed for patients with decreased cognitive function and the need for tactile stimulation. The activity aids help engage and stimulate. They are reusable, machine washable and secured in place.

Hpms Price $36.99
SkiL-Care Adjustable Head Positioner SkiL-Care Adjustable Head Positioner

Designed for individuals who require assistance in upper body support and have difficulty in maintaining symmetrical head positioning.

HPMS Price $68.55

SkiL-Care Adjustable Heel-Float™ SkiL-Care Adjustable Heel-Float™

A zero pressure off-loading boot that incorporates an adjustable back to accommodate multiple angles for plantar flexion.

HPMS Price $84.79
SkiL-Care Adjustable Lateral Support SkiL-Care Adjustable Lateral Support

Designed to prevent lateral left and right leaning in a wheelchair, geri-chair or standard chair.

HPMS Price $104.99
SkiL-Care Adjustable Weighted Blanket SkiL-Care Adjustable Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blankets provide a calming effect for those with special needs, anxiety and/or having difficulty in falling asleep. They are also useful in a stressful situations, such as when patients are in the hospital undergoing an MRI. The Adjustable Weighted Blanket will provide gentle pressure similar to swaddling or a loving hug. Occupational Therapists recommend weights around 10% of the individuals body weight

Hpms Price $149.99
SkiL-Care Air Lift Seat Cushion SkiL-Care Air Lift Seat Cushion

This pre-inflated Air Lift Cushion is designed to provide added comfort and pressure relief to residents while seated in any chair.

HPMS Price $29.99
SkiL-Care Air Lock Cushion SkiL-Care Air Lock Cushion

This soft pre-inflated anti-bacterial vinyl cushion makes any wheelchair seat moe comfortable while providing pressure relief and redistribution.

HPMS Price $39.99
SkiL-Care Anti-Thrust Cushion SkiL-Care Anti-Thrust Cushion

Anti-Thrust design prevents residents from sliding out of the wheelchair and simultaneously prevents pressure sores.

HPMS Price $94.99

SkiL-Care Aqua Air Exerciser SkiL-Care Aqua Air Exerciser

Offers a force of resistance in a pool or other bodies of water.

Hpms Price $23.99
SkiL-Care Aqua Weights SkiL-Care Aqua Weights

The aqua-weights are a light exercise device that are easily portable and safe to use if dropped.

Hpms Price $21.99
SkiL-Care Baseball Gel Pad SkiL-Care Baseball Gel Pad

The Baseball Gel Pad provides a fun activity to reduce boredom and anxiety.

HPMS Price $29.95
SkiL-Care Bath Mitt SkiL-Care Bath Mitt

More thorough body cleaning is possible with a soft synthetic sheepskin bath mitt. Designed to exfoliate the skin as it cleans.

Hpms Price $13.99
SkiL-Care Bed Foot Support SkiL-Care Bed Foot Support

Provides comfortable foot positioning and helps prevent foot drop. Keeps sheets and blankets off resident’s feet.

HPMS Price $199.99
SkiL-Care Bed Ladder SkiL-Care Bed Ladder

Desinged to enable residents to pull themselves to a sitting postion while in bed, or lower themselves to a supine position.

HPMS Price $19.99

SkiL-Care Bed Rail Wedge and Pad SkiL-Care Bed Rail Wedge and Pad

Designed to fill in the gap between the mattress and side rail to prevent entrapment of arms and legs.

HPMS Price $159.76
SkiL-Care Bed/Wall Protector SkiL-Care Bed/Wall Protector

Reduces and protects walls from damage caused from bed collisions.

HPMS Price $89.99
SkiL-Care Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper SkiL-Care Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper

The universal Bilateral Anti-Rotation Gripper is made of rigid plastic with a slip resistant design.

HPMS Price $26.99
SkiL-Care Body Aligner SkiL-Care Body Aligner

Designed to help maintain the resident in a side lying position.

HPMS Price $53.59
SkiL-Care Lift-Off Lap Cushion SkiL-Care Breakaway Lift-Off Lap Cushion

The easy to remove non restrictive lift-off cushion provides asstance in wheelchair positioning.

HPMS Price $49.99
SkiL-Care CarPack SkiL-Care CarPack

The CarPack are ideal storage solution for books, looseleafs, writing utensils, travel items and games. With limited alternative storage the ChairPack holds the students materials while mounted to the chair back.

Hpms Price $36.99
SkiL-Care ChairPack SkiL-Care ChairPack

A universal and convenient wheelchair carry bags that has room for personal items such as newspapers, glasses, pens, pencils, or supplies.

Hpms Price $36.99
SkiL-Care ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm System SkiL-Care ChairPro Sensor Pad Alarm System

Designed to alert caregivers when a resident leaves or falls off a chair.

HPMS Price $78.15
SkiL-Care Classic Gel-Foam Cushion SkiL-Care Classic Gel-Foam Cushion

Designed to provide comfort and redistribute pressure while a water-based gel cools and reduces heat, preventing skin-damaging perspiration.

HPMS Price $92.99
SkiL-Care Clear Geometric Gel Shapes SkiL-Care Clear Geometric Gel Shapes

This gel pad is a fun way to fine-tune coordination and increases attention span.

HPMS Price $48.99
SkiL-Care Comfort Foam WheelChair Cushion SkiL-Care Comfort Foam WheelChair Cushion

This foam cushion provides comfort, pressure relief and redistribution.

HPMS Price $52.99
Skil-Care Cone Grips SkiL-Care Cone Grips

Cone Grip is a device that prevents hand contracture. It adjusts to the natural shape of the hand and keeps hands open without stimulating fingers to contract.

HPMS Price $9.95

SkiL-Care Contour Cushion SkiL-Care Contour Cushion

A pressure relief and redistribution cushion that has pronounced contours for controlling sliding and improving body posture.

HPMS Price $151.85
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