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Urias® Brand is made by Arden Medical, a company that manufactures and distributes medical devices for hospital and homecare patients worldwide. Initially designed and developed as an aid to the "Margaret Johnstone Concept" of Cerebral Stroke Rehabilitation, the unique Urias branded Splints have become an invaluable aid in most techniques used in modern day rehabilitation cycles, including extension into special sized Urias paedictoric, junior and child splints for therapy often found benifitial in cases of Cerebral Palsy, Brain Damage, Development Delay or Post Oporative Orthopedics.
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Arden Medical Pediatric Urias Air Splints - Accessories Available Urias Pediatric Air Splint - and Accessory Options

Air-filled splint that facilitates correct positioning for infants and children. Accessories available.

HPMS Price $65.99
Urias®  Adult Air Splint Urias® Adult Air Splint

Air-filled splint facilitates correct positioning to help treat tone and edema.

HPMS Price $45.99