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Orfit - Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable thermoplastic materials for medical devices that improve patient treatment around the world.The Orfit team provides immobilization systems for cancer patients in radiation oncology, orthotic fabrication materials for patients in physical rehabilitation and prosthetic socket materials for amputee patients.
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Orfibrace Non-Stick Antibacterial Support Material Orfibrace Non-Stick Antibacterial Supportive Material

Strong remouldable material that holds its shape perfectly against increased tone and is excellent for all mechanical attachments. Non-stick coated material with antibacterial properties.

HPMS Price $131.99
Orfit Colors NS (Non-Stick) Orfit Colors NS (Non-Stick)

Orfit Colors NS offers beautiful metallic and bright colours. Colored products are highly recommended if you are looking for new ways to boost your patients’ morale, make them feel good and improve patient compliance.

Orfit Orfilight NS (Non-Stick) Orfit Orfilight NS (Non-Stick)

Orfilight NS products are unique lightweight splinting materials with a non-stick (NS) coating.

HPMS Price $67.99
Orfit Orfitube™ Accessories Orfit Orfitube™ Accessories

Structural unit for placing onto a hand orthosis, in order to give the orthosis added adjustable and dynamic action. Compact design allows you to fix one individual adjuster for each finger.

HPMS Price $45.99
Orfitube™ Bending Tool Orfit Orfitube™ Bending Tool

Bending tool easily bends the hard plastic Orfitubes™ with inserted bending rod. Ideal tool to make custom dynamic splints for hand and finger injuries.

HPMS Price $21.99
Orfit Allfit Pellets Orfit® Allfit Pellets

Improve grip by enlarging, enhancing or reshaping objects that are used during daily life activities. Add pellets to orthosis for a better and more conforming fit or easily mold pellets into any desired shape.

HPMS Price $39.99
Orfit® Classic Material Orfit® Classic

Orfit Classic has excellent elastic and adhesive qualities. Its wide product range makes it ideal for all orthosis types. It is excellent as a base for different attachments and has unlimited potential for fabrication of very large to very small orthoses, according to the thickness you select.

HPMS Price $69.99
ORFIT® Classic Pre-Cuts Orthosis ORFIT® Classic Pre-Cuts Orthosis

Save time and waste less material with the ORFIT® Classic Pre-Cuts. Available in multiple designs and sizes to several hand conditions fast and effectively.

HPMS Price $16.39
Orfit® Coil Springs and Wire Orfit® Coil Springs and Wire

Pre-fabricated coils in four distinct sizes and spring wire for added resistance and support of orthotic fabrications. Can be attached to any Orfit® Thermoplastic fabrication.

Our Price: $25.99
Orfit® Eco Orfit® Eco

Orfit Eco is made of high quality recycled material designed for large and rigid orthoses. Available in off white, non-coated surface or black, non-stick surface.

HPMS Price $46.99
Orfit® Flex NS Orfit® Flex NS

Ideal to use when creating wrist, thumb and hand splints. Flex NS material has a coating that allows it to mold directly over bandages with high drapability and a low resistance to stretch.

HPMS Price $54.99
Orfit Gingher 8" Knife Edge Utility Shears Orfit® Gingher 8" Knife Edge Utility Shears

Knife Edge Blunt Utility Shears voted best scissors in the world by the majority of the therapists for industrial cutting applications because of its durability and long lasting performance.

HPMS Price $39.99
Orfit® Luxofoam Orfit® Luxofoam

Luxofoam is a self-adhesive soft PVC foam used for padding of small surfaces. It does not detach when heated in water, and can therefore be used for prepadded splint applications.

HPMS Price $63.45
ORFIT® NS (Non-Stick), Soft ORFIT® NS (Non-Stick), Soft

Orfit NS is ideal for all splint types. It is an excellent base for different attachments, if you scratch the coating, and has unlimited potential for the fabrication of very small to very large orthoses, according to the thickness you select. The unique non-stick coating eliminates accidental adhesions (on bandages for example) but allows for temporary bonding while the product is warm.

HPMS Price $61.99
Orficast More® Thermoplastic Tape Orfit® Orficast More® Thermoplastic Tape

Orficast More’s increased thickness avoids the need to use two layers, has a soft feel, is lightweight and allows ventilation for excellent patient comfort and compliance.

HPMS Price $76.99
Orficast Thermoplastic Tape Orfit® Orficast® Thermoplastic Tape

Thin, breathable and moldable thermoplastic tape that conforms readily to create a precise fitting orthosis with smooth edges and a soft feel.

HPMS Price $43.99

Orfit® Orfilastic Orfit® Orfilastic

Orfilastic is a terrycloth lining material with a backing of self-adhesive open-cell foam. It can be used for covering large splint surfaces to prevent and absorb perspiration. It is easily removable in lukewarm water.

HPMS Price $59.45
Orfit® Radial Wrist Extension Splint Orfit® Radial Wrist Extension Splint

Using this splint in the recovery process is ideal for radial nerve patients who need strong assisting extension coils to rebalance muscle power.

HPMS Price $50.59
Orfit Strips Orfit® Strips

Precut strips of Orfit Colors NS allow for quick and easy production of orthoses, external immobilization devices and rehabilitation aids. Available in Atomic Blue and Gold and Sonic Silver.

HPMS Price $57.99
Thermoplastic / Soft Velvet Edging Strip Thermoplastic / Soft Velvet Edging Strip

Thermoplastic / Soft Velvet Edging Strip

HPMS Price $43.45